Saturday, 26 September 2015

Wax museum in Mussoorie

Mr. Bean
Madame Tussauds museum in London is famous for the wax models of different personnel from all corners of world. The statues include great scientists, politicians, celebrities etc. People from all over the world visit to see these wax statues which imitate the real life.

In similar fashion, a wax museum named Dev Bhoomi wax museum has been opened in Mussoorie. Mahtma Gandhi with Chakra, mother Teresa, Einstein etc. may be seen there at the museum. The wax museum is located in Company garden which is on the outskirts of Mussoorie.

At present there are three wax museums in India. These tree museums are in Kolkata, Kanyakumari and Lonavla. This museum could not attract the publicity of the media and is a secret for the tourists as a surprise. There are 26 wax statues at present. The prominent are those of the Michael Jackson, Mr. Bean, Angelina Jolie etc. Many of these statues have been transferred from Lonavla. Soon, more statues are expexted to arrive.

The man behind this project is Sanjay Sabharwal, who wants to bring the name to Uttrakhand. Sabharwal wants to observe the reactions of the people and wants a name in the world of arts. Madame Tussauds museum has closely been watched by Sabharwal.

A tourists named Anirban with his wife was in Mussoorie, when he came across the museum quite by accident. He said that the idea of the museum was a brilliant one. He also posed a selfie with Michael Jackson.

Mr. & Mrs. Gururaj were seen bending over the statues for a closer look. They were whispering about the hand of Gandhiji which looked very real to them. But Kate Winslet and Leonardo didn’t look real according to them. Einstein looked quite real to them.

According to Sabharwal, there is great demand of politicians, sports persons, Bollywood stars etc. Sooner or later the museum shall add up other statues to present ones. So, pack up and visit the new destination in Mussoorie.