Saturday, 26 September 2015

langurs in Uttarakhand

Langur herds are normally found in the mountain hills of Uttarakhand. These days, the herds of this monkey species can be noted in the areas near big cities like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar etc. This species can be found up to the height of 12,000 ft. from sea level. The colour of skin is black with white furs.

The langur feeds on wild fruits and flowers and young leaves of plants and trees. During August to February, the langurs can be found in oak forests where they feed on acorns which is their chief food. Few langurs migrate from one place to another during summer and winter to avoid the extremes of seasonal change and few appear to remain in a particular region throughout the season.

Langurs fall prey to the leopard often waiting for langur to catch at the bottom of the tree. It is very interesting to note that the deer known as sambar,  chital and gural are often seen as accompanying the langurs. One reason may be the fruits which fall down to feed on due to the movement of langurs on the branches of trees. The gural does not eat fruit, so the other reason may be the protection langur provides by creating alarm about the approach of the tiger, leopard or other carnivorous animals. The friendly co-existence between langurs and deer may be seen in the forests where a langur might be seen playfully touching a deer while hanging upside down from a branch of a tree.

The langurs are not mischievous and vicious like Bengal monkeys. The langurs are very amiable and indolent, resting on a branch whole day unless they feel hungry. He is never angry with anyone or anything and can never imagine that someone could harm him. God has given different attributes to different animals to balance this ecosystem.