Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bhavishya Badri in Uttarakhand

The group of seven Vishnu temples in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India is known as Sapta Badri. The prime temple among these temples is Badrinath temple which is also called Badri Vishal. The others are 1) Adi Badri 2) Vridha Badri 3) Dhyan Badri 4) Ardha Badri 5) Bhavishya Badri and 6) Yogdhyan Badri. There is another group of five temples of Vishnu which includes all the Sapta Badri temples except  Ardha Badri and Dhyan Badri or sometimes Vridha Badri. Sometimes rarely Narsingh Badri is also added in the list of  Sapt Badri or Panch Badri.
The area starting from Nandaprayag in the Chamoli district to Satopant which is 24 km from Badrinath is known as Badri – Kshetra. All the Badri temples are located in this area. The word Badri has been driven from a type of berry. During ancient times the area was full of there berries hence the name association, due to meditation of Vishnu Bhgwan here, occurred i.e Badrinath ji. The reason for putting Badri at the end of all Sapta Badri temple as suffix also shows the name association of the area.
Among all the Sapta Badri temples, the main shrine Badrinath is well connected by road and air whereas the other remaining temples are located at remote places.
The Bavishya Badri (Alt. 2744 mtr.) is located in Niti valley. The most important town near this temple is Joshimath. From Joshimath, there is a motorable road to Saldhar (17 km) and further a trek of 6 km to  Subhain vllage where this temple is located. This road further leads to Lata – Niti villages.
According to our religious texts, Bavishya Badri shall come into existence in Kaliyug when the evil forces shall tend to overpower the world. The temple Narsingh located at Joshimath has  beautifully carved statue of Narsingh Bhgwan carrying a sword. It is said that the arm carrying that sword is getting thinner year by year, and in Kaliyug this arm will break. When this happens, the mountains of Jay and Vijay will collapse to block the route to Badrinath and make the journey inaccessible. The present world will be destroyed and a new world will begin and the Bhavishya Badri shall be worshipped.