Saturday, 5 September 2015

Floating huts in Tehri lake

Tehri dam is located in Uttarakhand state. The dam has been constructed for hydroelectricity generation. The area of this lake is around 42 sq km. The lake starts from Chinyalisaur in full season. Uttarakhand government is planning to start tourism activity in Tehri lake. The planning is to start water sports in the lake. In order to promote the lake, a festival is being held during the winter in the month of November.
Soon the tourists visiting the lake shall have additional attraction of staying in ‘floating huts’ having design based on house boats in the Dal lake of Jammu and Kashmir.
The state tourism minister on Saturday (6/9/15) said that the lake has an area of 42 sq km which is nearly double the area of Dal Lake. The introduction of the floating huts shall add new dimension to the tourism activities in and around the lake spread over 42 sq km.
The number of the floating huts shall be 10 initially and gradually be increased on the response of the tourists.     
The floating huts shall be modelled based on house boats of the Dal lake. The dimension of each floating boat shall be 10x12 ft each with attached toilet and small balcony. In future, the design of the boats shall be changed to adjust larger accommodation.
The tourism in the lake shall be eco-friendly and the waste from the boats shall be deposited in separate chambers prepared for the dumping purpose. The wastes shall be disposed beyond the peripheries of the lake.

The work on building of these floating huts has already been started by a Mumbai-based company. It will take at least eight months to completion of the boat building. Each boat shall cost Rs. 40 lack. The entire project is being looked after by the Lake Development Authority.