Sunday, 6 September 2015

Restoring the traditional music.

Uttarakhand government has decided to keep alive the traditional music. In this direction, the government is giving traditional music instrument to the impoverished folk artistes.
The initiative is being done in order to save the traditional heritage of music from vanishing. The artistes associated with the traditional music are slowly moving to other professions. This scheme is aimed to provide livelihood opportunity to the artistes associated with the traditional art form.
Under this scheme, the artistes whose income is less than Rs. 2000/- per month shall be given one free folk musical instruments like   Dhol, damau, mashakbean, ransingha, nagada and turahi. The preference shall be given to the artistes hailing from the families practicing the music / art for generations. As of now, the scheme is open for schedule castes of the state, and soon shall be open for general and schedule tribes of the state.  The artistes between age 18 yrs. To 60 yrs. can apply to the district magistrate offices of all the districts by Oct 31, 2016. Only one member of the family shall be given the instrument . The descriptions of the musical instrument are as follows:


Dhol : An ancient drumming instrument of the state.

Damau : A small drum hung around the neck and two sticks used to play.


Mashkbean : It’s a bagpipe version.


Ransingha : A type of primitive trumpet, like bugle.


Nagada : A folk drum

Please click for the video of  A traditional music and folk dance