Friday, 8 January 2016

Lakes in Kedar valley

Uttarakhand has many lakes like Nainital, Deoriatal lake. There are many lakes still far behind human reach and totally exotic. In the Kedar valley, there are many lakes and few lakes which are quite known to the tourists are Chorabari and Basukital.
Chorabarilake is about at a distance of 3 to 4 km from Kedarnath. The trek is quite popular amongst pilgrims and the tourists, though it needs lot of effort to complete as one has to trek to Kedarnath first. The lake is also famous as Gandhi Sarovar, because the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were submerged in this lake.  The beauty of this lake is its blue waters and floating icebergs on the surface of the lake which attracts the tourists here. The starting of this trek is   through the moraines at the back of the temple of Sri Kedarnath.
The other lake, which is Basukital lake is also one of the sought after lakes in Kedar valley. The place has a very beautiful and bright surrounding in a panoramic natural setting. On reaching at this place, the air gets chill and you are more close to the Himalayas. The water is crystal clear and you can also see ice blocks floating on the surface of the lake. This trekking route is narrow at the right bank of Mandakini up 5 km from Kedarnath.  The trek can be done only when the Kedarnath shrine is open. In winters, the lake is totally frozen due to extreme cold weather.
The Chorabari and Basukital treks should be done after professional consultancy.
The other famous lake in Kedar valley is Deoriatal. This lake is quite approachable as one has to trek only 3 km from the road head. This lake is at the top of the famous town Ukhimath. The main drinking water source of the Ukimath town is Deoriatal. This lake is accessible all-round the year. On reaching the lake, one can view the magnificent Himalayan peaks. The most important one is Chaukhamba peak, and the reflection of this peak can also be viewed on the lake’s surface. Kedar valley is truly a wonderful place to visit, where you can find numerous interesting and breathtaking places.

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