Monday, 5 October 2015

Poacher warning in Rajaji Park

High alert was sounded in the Shyampur range of Rajaji tiger reserve on Saturday following  reports of movement of suspected poachers in the area The range had recently announced presence of two male cubs and other adult tigers while the senior officers of the forest department are regularly inspecting the area since then, camera – trapping has also been installed at several spots to keep an eye on the big cats and poachers. 
According to sources in the department movement was reported to the officers on Saturday (3rd Oct 2015) after-noon after which they declared a high alert in the range. Sources said Bawariya community members, traditionally tiger hunters, were seen entering the forest of Shyampur range. ‘’We have received information about the suspected movement in the forest range following which I told officials to declare a high alert. I also visited the forest area and have sought details from the staff about the developments every one hour,’’ said chief wildlife warden. However, he refused  to comment on whether the unidentified persons  in the range belonged to Bawariya community  or not news about the presence  suspected poachers have raised  the concern of scientists, activists and the forest department the scientists had earlier suggested translocation of tiger from Shyampur Range presently occupied by over 200 Gujjar families, to the core area of the reserve and formulation of a long term plan to avoid man animal conflict. 
However, chief conservator of forest, wildlife and intelligence said, ‘’Translocation isn‘t a simply process. It needs involvement of Notional tiger Conservation Authority followed by series of plan submission, approval and infrastructure. We are working on those lines ‘’ the tiger reserve is spread across 1075 sq km, of which 720sq km is core area and the remaining 355 sq km is a buffer zone . Shyampur range is spread over 80 sq km, there are around 13 tigers in the reserve – two in the western part and the remaining 11 in the eastern part.

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